A designer is professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment. Qualified through education, experience and examination, a professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and provide a healthy, safe and comfortable physical environment. Interior Design is a more specialized career field, requiring a certain combined level of education, work experience, and [in some states] licensing. (source: NCIDQ) And, also important, is that Interior Designers usually have vast knowledge of the History of Art, Architecture, Furniture and Design. 

Simply put, designers may decorate but decorators may not design.

Interior Design will include one or all of the following:

  • Flooring
  • Wall Color or Coverings
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Tile
  • Moving, Adding, or Removing of Walls, Windows, and Doors
  • Custom Furniture and Window Treatments

This can be a simple and short process or can be long and complex, depending on the scope of the project. Whether the project takes 3 weeks or 3 months, there are still 10 steps to creating your perfect space.

1. Introductory Phone Call

Clients will fill out the “New Client Form” on the contact page and will be contacted to set up an introductory phone call. An in home meeting date and time will be discussed and set up during this phone call.

2. Home Consultation

Post Vintage Design will come to your home to discuss the current conditions of the project space and what you would like to achieve. Notes, pictures, and some basic measurements will be taken of the space. We will discuss color and material concepts along with looking at inspirational design pictures to determine your personal style. Fees and hours may also be discussed. This is your time to ask any and all questions or discuss any concerns.

3. Design Plan & Estimates

During this next step you can sit back and relax. Post Vintage will come up a design options with samples of materials and create an overall estimate. Some clients choose to be more involved by adding additional consultations. The additional consultations may be held at design resource centers that carry flooring, tile, carpet, cabinets, countertops, etc.

4. Presentation of Plan, Materials, & Contract

Once design materials and options have been selected, a complimentary second meeting will be set up to create an overall design concept for and with the clients. If the client is pleased with the estimate and the initial design, a contract will be signed and deposit provided in order to proceed to the next steps. *up to 50% of labor is due up front and/or deposit of design services*

5. Accuracy

Once a overall design concept is determined, additional and more precise measurements will be taken of the project space.

6. Refine Design & Budget

At this point the clients will need to be close to finalizing their selections for materials. If there is anything they would like to refine or add in the design and/or budget, now is the time to do so.

7. Final Selection of Materials & Finishes

This will be the last time the designer or client may make any changes prior to signing any material and labor contracts. [Please note that some materials will need to be ordered, such as cabinets, in advance prior to finalizing other materials.]

8. Final Contracts & Material Payments

After all the material and/or labor contracts have been signed, and all material paid for in full, dates and times for installations will be set up. Post Vintage will provide a detailed schedule and make arrangements to be at the client’s house to make sure everything goes according to plan. *100% of materials will need to be paid in full prior to order and/or installation. Any changes made by the client may result in change fees and/or a delay in the project.*

9. Remodel/Construction

It’s now time to say goodbye to your old space and get ready to bring in the new! This can be a very stressful time for the homeowner. There will be installers in and out of the client’s home for as little as 3 days or up to 3 months depending on the size of the project. Please keep in mind this is a process and even if it appears as if nothing is happening, things are moving forwards. (A good example is tile. Once the tile is laid, it takes 12-24 hours to set. Grout is then applied, it takes 12 hours to set. Finally, sealing and clean up.) Post Vintage Design is here for any questions and/or concerns and will do everything to keep the client well informed.

10. Clean Up & Finishing Details

Installation can be a messy process, but all worth it in the end! Post Vintage will help with the clean up and finish off all the little details to make your new space look like a picture in a magazine!

Interior Design Projects

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