Why do I need Home Staging?

Most homeowner who are selling are unable to successfully stage their home because there are sentimental memories attached to it, therefore they are not able to see what may be some flaws. Homeowners have gotten used to seeing their home they way it looks and sometimes have difficulty changing it. If you can’t view something objectively, then you are unable to market it in the most effective way possible. Not to mention that most homeowners don’t “stage” their homes daily, so the thought of this may be overwhelming when it comes time to sell or have an open house.

It is often difficult for homebuyers to visualize themselves in a home. But with home staging, your home will appeal to the masses and sell on average 78% faster! In addition to your home selling faster, it will sell for more then as if your home were to sell “un-staged.”

Post Vintage Design provides a consultation service for homeowners who are currently living in their home but are looking to sell or currently selling. This service offers a variety of options for various budgets and time allotments.

  • Staging consultations begin with a brief sit down introduction meeting with the homeowner(s).
  • Next thorough walk through of the home and property with the homeowner(s).
  • Measurements, notes, and digital photos may be taken.
  • A written estimate is sent to the homeowner 2-5 days later (depending on the home’s size and needs). This will include an estimate for Preliminary, Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels
  • Based upon the homeowner’s choice of the level of staging service a written report will be sent 1-4 days later. This report may or may not include the following:
    • A room by room guide addressing the current state.
    • Recommendations for improvements to enhance the property’s appeal to buyers
    • Areas to de-clutter/downsize
    • Furniture and accessory arrangements that best suit the rooms for selling.
    • A list of areas that need repair or cleaning.
    • Personal shopping for accessories and/or furniture.
    • Additional consultations
      • Color options – This may include paint, flooring refinish, cabinet resurfacing, etc.
      • Material options – This may include flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, tile, etc.
      • Textile options – This may include flooring, rugs, window treatments, bedding, etc.
      • Lighting options
    • Ideas/Suggestions to help your showings run smoothly and stand out from others.


Moving can be a stressful time, so let PVD help with relieving the stress of moving! Unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, and placing artwork and accessories can be stressful, especially if the items are either too big or too small.

  • Help sort through items (accessories, artwork, books, etc.)
  • Choose colors to enhance furnishings
  • Place items appropriately
  • General organizing
  • Provide a list or shopping for additional furnishings and/or accessories

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